Types of Containers and Labels

Shipped primary containers
Shipped/Primary Containers

Container labeling can be a very effective method to communicate the physical and health hazards of chemicals used in the workplace. The information on a container label will vary depending on what type of container it is and how it is used. We will discuss labeling requirements under the HCS 2012 labeling requirements in this section.

We’ll take a look at the labeling requirements for each of the four types of containers listed below:

  • Shipped/Primary containers
  • Workplace/Secondary containers
  • Stationary containers
  • Portable containers

Check out this short audio clip by Dan Clark of the theSafetyBrief.com that discusses important questions about the new labeling requirements.

To learn more about the four types of container labels and associated requirements, download the OSHA Brief, Hazard Communication Standard: Labels and Pictograms.