Training at Multi-Employer Worksites

Employees working at a construction site.
The host employer must train the HCS on multi-employer worksites.

The training requirements also apply if the employer becomes aware via the multi-employer worksite provision of exposures of his/her employees to hazards for which they have not been previously trained.

Training Temporary Employees

Training temporary employees is a responsibility that is shared between the host employer and temporary agency.

  • Host Employer: The host employer is responsible for training on the company’s HCS program requirements including specific labeling, chemical hazards and safe work procedures in their workplace.
  • Temporary Agency: The temporary agency, in turn, maintains a continuing relationship with its employees and would be expected to inform employees of the general requirements of the HCS standard.

Contracts between the temporary agency and the host-employer should be examined to determine if they clearly set out the training responsibilities of both parties, in order to ensure the employers have complied with all requirements of the regulation.