Training for Emergencies

Workers in hazmat suits moving chemicals in barrels.
Employees must know how to handle hazardous chemicals safely.

A frequently overlooked portion of the training provisions is dealing with emergency procedures. The scope and extent of employee training depends on the extent to which the employer plans to respond to emergencies. The HCS training program may need to include the HAZWOPER Emergency Response Plan and/or the Emergency Action Plan as follows:

  • If the employer merely intends to evacuate the work area, the training in emergency procedures could be limited to, information on the emergency alarm system in use at the worksite, evacuation routes, and reporting areas as detailed in the employer’s Emergency Action Plan under 1910.38, Emergency Action Plans.
  • Where employees are expected to moderate or control the impact of the emergency in a manner similar to an emergency responder, training on an Emergency Response Plan as described in 1910.120(l), Hazardous Waste and Emergency Operations (HAZWOPER), would be required.