Training Requirements

Employees in a meeting room.
The employer must educate and train exposed employees on classified workplace chemicals.

Employees must receive information and training that ensures their awareness of the chemical hazards used in their work area. Employers must provide this information when an employee is initially assigned to a work area where hazardous chemicals are present and before assignments involving new exposure situations.

Employees must be informed of:

  • the requirements of the HCS 2012
  • any operations in their work area where hazardous chemicals are present
  • the location and availability of the written hazard communication program (including the required list(s) of hazardous chemicals and SDSs required by the HCS)

To make sure all training requirements are met, we recommend reviewing each section of the SDS. Group discussion and examples can be effective training strategies to make the training more interesting to students. Demonstrating and practicing the use of PPE for properly using and cleaning up spills is especially important.

Check out this short audio clip by Dan Clark of the that discusses a nine-step process to evaluate whether to clean up a chemical spill or evacuate.