Preventing Needlestick Injuries

Gloved hand holding syringe.

Needlestick safety can best be addressed in the setting of a comprehensive prevention program that considers all aspects of the work environment and that has employee involvement as well as management commitment.

You can help protect yourself from needlestick injuries by:

  • avoiding the use of needles where safe and effective alternatives are available;
  • helping your employer select and evaluate devices with safety features that reduce the risk of needlestick injury;
  • using devices with safety features provided by your employer;
  • avoiding recapping needles;
  • planning for safe handling and disposal of needles before using them;
  • promptly disposing of used needles in appropriate sharps disposal containers;
  • reporting all needlestick and sharps-related injuries promptly to ensure you receive appropriate follow-up care;
  • telling your employer about any needlestick hazards you observe; and
  • getting a hepatitis B vaccination.