Managing Training Groups is Easy.

Add one student or thousands. Add multiple group leaders.
Generate detailed reports.

Providing group training to your employees is a streamlined process.

It’s easy to invite students/employees to your group. All you have to do is email an invitation to one user or up to ten users at a time.

You can invite hundreds, if not thousands of students by uploading a .csv file.

You can also distribute enrollment keys so that students are added to your group when they self-register.

Group leaders can manage their students progress and even download student certificates.

Powerful Training Reports

You can generate reports for one student or all of your students. Review their course progress and even review their quiz responses.

You can review not only each student’s exam and quiz score, but you can also review the questions they answered correctly and those they did not.

Group leaders can view the progress of students by course, or they can view the progress of each individual student.

Reports can be exported to a .csv file to easily edit and review the data.

Quality OSHA Training has made group training easy.