Properly Document Your Training

To properly document your training and ensure it meets OSHA standards, Quality OSHA Training documents student training according to ANSI Z490.1-2016, Section 7.4, Issuing Certificates, which is what OSHA is looking for when they review an employer’s OSHA technical safety training records.

Recommended certification of training should include:

  • Trainee’s name
  • Course title
  • Date, location and hours of instruction
  • Statement that the trainee has successfully completed the course
  • Name and address of training provider
  • Date periodic refresher training is due (if required) or expiration date
  • A unique trainee identification number
  • The level of training or type of certificate awarded
  • Any other information required by regulation
  • Number of credits (CECs, CEUs, etc), if issued. Make sure employees have met all requirements for credits.

Properly Document Your Training
Sample Certificate - Frame Not Included